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                July 2003 
                Peng Austrian company with Spain's largest hardware and building materials wholesalers to establish long-term strategic cooperative partnership.

                May 2004 
                Austrian Peng full access to rigorous product known German market, and obtain approval, has been among the top three.

                August 2005 
                Austrian Peng products began to enter the Japanese market, and singing along.

                November 2005 
                Austrian Peng products purchased through the European certification authority S脺D test machine compliance, and by TUV / GS certification.

                December 2005 
                Peng Austrian companies in the State Administration for Industry and successfully registered Trademark Office "Open" trademark.

                May 2006 
                Peng Austrian company and the largest importer of REL and ladders, the largest U.S. manufacturer STAPLETON companies, products smooth entry into the world's commercial giants Wal-Mart supermarket.

                July 2006 
                Austrian Peng products from China People's Insurance Company insured the product quality liability insurance, and has been covered so far.

                January 2007 
                Austria Peng by China Light Product Quality Assurance Center focus on the promotion as "Chinese famous brand."

                May 2007 
                Austrian Peng company spent to hire the famous Hong Kong movie stars Kathy Chow Peng, the spokesperson for the Austrian.

                July 2007 
                Peng, some products have been successful Austrian patent, granted by the Republic of China Intellectual Property Office patent.

                October 2007 
                Peng Austrian company is the largest U.S. importer of REL and ladders, the largest U.S. manufacturer STAPLETON company as "the world's best supplier partners."

                June 2008 
                Peng Austrian and Canadian importers METALTECH Through close cooperation, the products smooth entry into the building of Canada's largest supermarket chain LOBLAW.

                September 2008 
                Austrian Peng products to world business leaders Wal-Mart China's regional markets, the network in major cities throughout the country, has successfully entered Carrefour, the supermarket in a hundred, actually supermarkets and other large home, marking the Olympic brand to a new peng level.

                December 2008 
                Austria Peng mark "China Famous Brand."

                May 2009 
                Austrian company spent a lot more than 5,000 yuan Peng, Wuyi Economic Development Zone in the new 50,000 square meters of modern production base.

                July 2009 
                Peng Austrian company ISO9001 quality management system certification, and access to "quality management system certification."

                August 2009 
                Austrian Peng southern hemisphere's largest shopping mall company with close cooperation SANDTONCITY, a move towards the South African market, market share is increasing steadily.

                September 2009 
                Peng Austrian investment in the CCTV advertising, enhance the Olympic brand and visibility Peng.

                June 2010 
                Peng Austrian company involved in the development 蘆Republic of China national standard industry ladder祿, a ladder unit with industry to develop national standards for Chinese ladders made outstanding contributions to standardization of products, the standards will be promulgated in 2011.

                July 2010 
                Peng Austrian company was that the Committee of Zhejiang regional brands as "Zhejiang regional brands."

                August 2010 
                Peng Austrian company successfully moved to new plant, with a new factory environment, job shop, office buildings, apartment houses.

                September 2010 
                Olympic Image Representative Kathy Chow Peng companies work successfully in Zhejiang Wuyi Forum will convene a national distributor.

                September 2010 
                Austrian Peng officially launched the company lean production system engineering, lean production officially began.

                January 2011 
                Peng Olympic brand is China Brand Research Institute as "a trade mark of China's brand ladder" for the industry's only won this honor for the brand.

                February 2011 
                Peng Austrian company and the world's largest supermarket chain, COSCO established strategic cooperative relations, better products for the Olympic Peng into North America and throughout Europe sounded the horn.